Internet Miniature Pinscher Service

IMPS is very proud of our "kids".  Not all of them have web pages, those that do will have links listed here, others will have a brief description:

Lister Lucky

Dianna's Page

Angel Simon Astro

Huey Myndi

Tuesday Woody Winnie Berlin

Nikki Coco

Clay Meachan Ally Zena Max Bailey

Duke Chase and Misty Lexy Bea Mandy Maizy

April Kingston Peanut Lucky Alex Izzy

Chocko Maverick Kaluah Max Stevie

Stevie Tyler Peg Missy Sonny

Missy Samson Odie Jinx Ellie, Emma

Jack Lizzie Paris Molly Jo

Pippin Marshall

And many more Brag pics and Stories can be found at the following web pages:

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