The IMPS 2021 Holiday Quilt Raffle

Quilts 2021

The IMPS 2021 Holiday Quilt Raffle has now ended.

Go to for a complete list of winners.

Thank you very much for your support, and do join us again next time.

1st to 7th Prizes

These beautiful quilts were made and donated by IMPS volunteers and friends.


1st Prize

This festive Christmas pets quilt lovingly made by JoAnn Foley is 56" x 67" and has endearing puppies + kittens under-the-tree with poinsettia over-stitching on the prints. They are on a forest green background with figure-8 loop stitches, surrounding by a dark green border with round loop stitches and red + gold outside border. The back is a rich red + gold snow flake + flower pattern. Click HERE to see more pictures.



2nd Prize
This gorgeous seasonal quilt is made and donated by Kim Darling. It measures 38" x 58". Click HERE to see more pictures.


3rd Prize
This colorful and fun Stack and Whack Kaleidoscope quilt has snakes, lizards, bees, worms, lady bugs and other creatures. Bright and cheerful, this quilt has the colors of orange, pink, brown, green, yellow, and blue. The backing is light purple Minky fabric. The inspiration is from the Magic Stack-n-Whack quilt book by Bethany S. Reynolds. You'll enjoy the softness and comfort of this cute little quilt! This quilt, measuring 60" x 60", is made and donated by Paula Fullager. Click HERE to see more pictures.



4th Prize
This special Minpin Love quilt lovingly made by many hands is 41" x 54" with nostalgic Minpin images and icons in bold squares, surrounded by squares each commemorating a different quilt design style. They are each bordered by white dot-on-navy, the quilt is bordered in tan with a dark tan edge. Over-stitched is a free-form looping design and the reverse is a muted tone, matching plaid. Click HERE to see more pictures.

5th Prize
This cuddly 41" x 49" lap quilt is lovingly made by Amy in bright red and white squares with dog images and squares with black paw prints, hand cut to create a "rag" effect. The reverse side is the same design as the front, with no rag effect. The quilt is mostly fleece with X over-stitched in each square, and a red paw print border. Click HERE to see more pictures.


6th Prize
This lovely color block quilt, measuring 41" x 50", is made and donated by Kim Darling. Click HERE to see more pictures.


7th Prize
This colorful space-themed quilt, measuring 41" x 41" is made by Maryjane Zook and donated by Kim Darling. Click HERE to see more pictures.

More prizes...

8th Prize
Hannukah table decoration or wall hanging, measuring 19" x 19". Donated by Kim Darling.


9th Prize
Dog feeding station, complete with 2 bowls, stand and placemat, donated by Paula Fullager.


10th Prize
Very cute stuffed toy sleeping bag with a little chihuahua included, donated by Kim Darling

11th Prize
24 x 36 dog bed, leash rack, 3 jackets, 3 sweaters, 3 harnesses, 3 fancy collars, 5 dog blankets, 2 frisbees, 3 small toys, photo frame, poop bags, large hide a squirrel toy.


12th Prize
Cordless Meditation Fountain, Mini portable diffuser with essential oils and bag to hold it in, the animal rescue site perfect pet pocket wrap and fuzzy slippers.


13th Prize
Furry Fido over the shoulder carry bag, stork toy, two jackets, blanket, frisbee, Calming collar and "All you need is Love and a Dog"

14th Prize
Penguin condiment caddy, Paint with diamonds, Minpin Magnet, blanket, Shaun of the Dead movie, nail polish strips... donated by Linda DeVoll


15th Prize
Blanket, toys, emergency window sticker, various magnets, collars, leashes, wicker basket, 4 jacket/shirts, holiday collar


16th Prize
Blanket, bowl, toys, leash/collar combination, 7 sweater/jackets.


17th Prize
Minpin Place sign, blanket, 4 toys, 9 sweater/shirt/jackets

18th Prize
Handmade glass necklace donated and made by Lisa Johnson, Green Valley, AZ.


19th Prize
Handmade wine glass charms donated and made by Lisa Johnson, Arizona.


20th Prize
Handmade glass necklace donated and made by Lisa Johnson, Arizona.

21st Prize
Blanket, rescue magnet, love my minpin magnet, miniature pinscher sticker, 5 bandanas, toys, bowl, 6 sweater/jackets, santa hat.


22nd Prize
Blanket, santa costume, bat wings costume harness, rescue magnet, 2 toys, 5 sweater/jacket/shirts frisbee.


23rd Prize
11x14 minpin print suitable for framing, handmade scarf for dog, blanket, 3 sweaters/jackets, santa costume and hat, bandanas, bowl, leather leash, 2 collars.


24th Prize
Brown blanket, dog safety seat belt, glass bowl, LED safety flasher, seat belt shoulder pad, belly band, 5 small bandanas, dog fed/dog not fed sign, grooming scissors and brush and framed sign.

25th Prize
Blanket, Dog Medicine book, emergency pet window sticker, bowl, 5 bandanas, 6 sweater/jacket/shirts, 3 toys, leash, harness and collar.


26th Prize
Flag Blanket, frisbee, rescue magnet, heart shaped ceramic dish, fancy black/white harness and matching leash, toys, 5 sweater/jackets, collar and christmas cap.


27th Prize
Purina beach towel, hand made shopping bag, toy, safety harness, emergency window sticker, rescue magnet, leash/harness combo, collar, charms for dog collar, 4 sweater/jackets.


28th Prize
Dog design large shopping bag, blanket, patrolled by miniature pinscher sign, rescue magnet, 2 toys, 7 sweater/jackets, suede leash and matching collar.

29th Prize
1 crate pad, blanket, 3 jackets, 3 toys, 3 collars, leash, seat belt shoulder pad, frisbee, Minpin hanging plaque.


30th Prize
Over the shoulder pet carry bag in brown suede, 2 blankets, three jackets, fancy water bowl, book on miniature pinschers, 2 fancy collars, fancy leash/collar combination, toy and frisbee.


31st Prize
Samsonite carry bag, 5 bandanas, 3 toys, 4 jacket/sweaters, blanket, safety vest.


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