16th MinPin Quilt Raffle - 2021

Quilts 2021

The IMPS Quilt Raffle is on again....

Welcome. It has been a while since our last raffle, but we are back!!. This years quilts & prizes were donated by IMPS volunteers and friends - a very big thank you to all who contributed.

See below for full details of the prizes.


Here's how the raffle will work:

  1. Tickets are available for $5.00 each or 8 for $35.00. All proceeds will be donated to IMPS.
  2. Send your check (made out to IMPS), along with a self-addressed, stamped envelope to:
  3. IMPS Quilt Raffle
    82 Malaga Terrace
    Malaga, NJ 08328


    If you wish to make payment by credit card, please email Nancy at impsquiltraffle@gmail.com for details.

    For any ticketing inquiries, please email Nancy at impsquiltraffle@gmail.com.

  4. We will use double-sided raffle tickets. One half will be mailed back to you and the other thrown in the raffle bowl. We will keep a log of all names/ticket numbers.
  5. The raffle will start on Saturday March 20th 2021 and close on Saturday May 29th 2021. All entries must be postmarked by Saturday May 29th 2021.
  6. The raffle drawing will take place on the weekend of Saturday June 5th - it will be a lucky day for some! The top 6 winners will be notified by phone, and all other winners by email - so it is very IMPORTANT that you include your phone number and email address with your check. The winners list will be posted on the Quilt Raffle website, our Facebook page and on the various IMPS Admin and Regional lists.

Best of luck to one and all! Please feel free to cross-post and share with all your friends and family!

1st to 6th Prizes

These beautiful quilts were made and donated by IMPS volunteers and friends.

1st Prize
This gorgeous 48" x 56" color block quilt lovingly made by Kim Darling has squares of dreamy dog images staggered amongst shades of grey, rust and tan color block squares, surrounded by a slender white dot on black border and an outer maroon border. Click HERE to see more pictures.


2nd Prize
This magnificent quilt lovingly made and donated by Betty Greer, is 55" x 72", has red, white, blue and grey strips in alternating solid color and dog print patterns, with large squares of "framed doggie pictures" spaced throughout the quilt. It is framed by a 4" solid black margin, has a black reverse side and looping, swirling over-stitching. Click HERE to see more pictures.


3rd Prize
This warm handsome quilt lovingly made by Hannah and Heather is 47" x 69", made with corduroy squares in shades of brown, rust and tan with Minpin silhouettes outlined in embroidery with a 4" dark brown border and matching brown fleece backing. Click HERE to see more pictures.

4th Prize
This stunning 48" x 56" color block quilt lovingly made by Kim Darling has squares of dog images staggered amongst red, green, white and tan color block squares. Click HERE to see more pictures.


5th Prize
This captivating 56" x 39" color band quilt lovingly handmade by Lisa Wood has bands in shades of blue, white and red with multi-pet prints, dog, cat, paw print + bone motifs, bound with a tiny black and color dot edge. The reverse is bone white. Click HERE to see more pictures.


6th Prize
This soft 41" x 50" lap quilt is lovingly made by Amy in shades of gray, tan and navy squares carefully hand cut to create a "rag" effect. The reverse side is the same design as the front, with no rag effect. The quilt is mostly fleece with X over-stitched in each square, pre-washed and dried to begin the "ragging" process. Click HERE to see more pictures.

More prizes...

7th Prize
Wicker dog bed basket, soft dog bed, 6 jackets/sweaters, 3 toys, frisbee, 2 blankets, 2 fancy collars, book "A Dogs Life"


8th Prize
Beautiful Eco-friendly Acacia Wood Charcuterie Board.
Size: 18" L x 9" W
Embellished with Quartz Crystal and 100% food safe resin in rich shades of gold to compliment the natural beauty of the wood.
Made by Annette Bradley. Email SalvageRites77@gmail.com to view available products.


9th Prize
Pink Dog bed with pillow, 3 sweater/jackets, two toys, a throw blanket and book "A Small Furry Prayer"

10th Prize
Hamilton Beach 2-way Brewer


11th Prize
Handmade plant hanger donated by 85 year old Wanda White of Roseville, MI.

Hand painted "Don't Bug Me" plaque by Maxi Ann Donnelly

Perfect Pot mover, hanging gnome in a hammock, large bell chime.


12th Prize
blanket, frisbee, 5 sweater/jackets, toys, emergency window sticker, rescue magnet, talk to the paw magnet, minpin magnet, leash harness combo, collars.


13th Prize
$50.00 gift card to Plaza Azteca Restaurant Limited to east coast winner due to restaurant locations

14th Prize
blanket, bowl, frisbee, toys, houndstooth leash and matching harness, collar, santa dress and holiday collar, 6 sweater/jackets


15th Prize
Minpin etching suitable for framing, blanket, bowl, 2 toys, various leashes/collars/harness, 3 sweater/jackets


16th Prize
Dog carry bag, 2 small and 2 medium jackets/shirts, 5 toys and blanket with toy

17th Prize
Purple blanket, hide a bee toy, emergency window sticker, rescue magnet, 3 sweater/jackets, leather leash and collars


18th Prize
These bracelets are handmade and donated by Vonna Page, Michigan


19th Prize
35x24 indoor/outdoor mat, dog bowl, adoption magnet, 8 sweater/shirt/jackets

20th Prize
doggy tunnel with sherpa padding, herringbone jacket and leash combination, leash, fancy collar, blue collar, 3 jacket/sweater, frisbee and two toys


21st Prize
11x14 print suitable for framing, blanket, 2 toys, pillow you can personalize with photo, paw print keepsake kit, bone plaque


22nd Prize
2 blankets, 5 jacket/sweater/shirt, bowl, leather leash, 2 collars, minpin¬ hanging plaque, book "When Animals Speak", totes parkas with carry case

23rd Prize
Ceramic dog bowl, book "Animal Talk", 5 sweater/jackets, belly band, blanket, bandana, toy, animal rescue site perfect pocket pet wrap


24th Prize
Handmade glass post earrings and necklace charm donated and made by Lisa Johnson Arizona


25th Prize
Handmade glass wine glass charms donated and made by Lisa Johnson, Arizona

26th Prize
blanket, rescue magnet, toy, pink heart shaped ceramic bowl, 5 sweater/jacket/shirts, pink leash and harness


27th Prize
2 crate pads, holiday collar, bowl, toys, leash collar combo, 6 sweater/jackets


28th Prize
blanket, seat belt shoulder pad, safety seat belt for dog, minpin on board sign, paw print magnets, frisbee, 4 sweater/shirts, ponchos


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