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The face of rescue has changed dramatically since IMPS began in 1998, especially over the past 8-10 years. Shelters adopt more pets directly to the public, and have partnerships with large organizations to get healthy adoptable pets out of shelters. Often rescue gets called when a dog is deemed medically or behaviorally unadoptable. Our veterinary costs are rising and we struggle to keep adoptions fees reasonable. We attempted to manage this with policy changes to minimize negative cash flows, but can no longer do it with policy alone. We're in desperate need of sponsors for emergency sick or injured rescues; multi-dog breeder or hoarder busts; and returned seniors. If it's in your heart to give but fostering isn't something you can do, sponsoring a dog is the same as being there for them!


$8/mo. x 12 - can rescue one dog and cover core vaccinations
$8-10/mo. x 12 - can provide spay / neuter surgery at a clinic for one dog
$12/mo. x 12 - 12-mo supply of heartworm and flea prevention for one dog
$15/mo. x 12 - lite dental cleaning for one dog
$25/mo. x 6-12 mos. - curative heartworm treatment for one dog
$35/mo. x 4 - Insulin & needles for one dog

One time gifts can help support everything from dental surgery to emergency surgery, challenging rehabs to multi-dog rescues ... Give in honor of your beloved companion, or in memory of one waiting for you on the other side of the bridge. Designate a portion of your gifts through Community Giving & United Way Campaigns at work, where we are a participating charitable organization. Let us know if you or your beloved companion would like to be listed in our Hall of Sponsors, right here, as it grows!

$ 125 Bronze
$ 250 Silver
$ 500 Gold
$ 1,000 Ruby
$ 2,500 Emerald
$ 5,000 Platinum
$ 10,000 Diamond

Community support: We've heard from a few donors that they like to support their local region's efforts. The best way to do that is to pick an IMPS dog in your region and ask for your donation to be credited toward him/her. How this works: Regional Coordinators are responsible to oversee the adoption donations, costs and expenses for all the dogs in their region, and this directly lowers their costs and expenses. Donations in excess of cost on one minpin helps offset costs for another where we may not be so lucky. Contact your region's RC or contact Vanessa at to ensure your donation is credited to a minpin in your preferred area.

To make a donation using PayPal or Credit Card, please click on the Donation button below. Important: if you wish to sponsor a dog or donate toward a specific region's costs, please forward your emailed Paypal receipt to with your wishes.

Thank you so much for your support!

To be a Sponsor, please fill out our Sponsorship Form

Internet Miniature Pinscher Service, Inc. (IMPS) is exempt under section 501(a) of the Internal Revenue Code as an organization described in section 501(c)(3). However, it is suggested that you consult your tax professional for a determination as to whether any contributions may be tax deductible.


Max Max Max
Max: 8 yr old chocolate male, neutered, docked tail and uncropped ears. 16", 15.3 lb. Fully vetted. Rescued from shelter.
Say hi to Max! Max's owner passed away and a relative dropped him off at a shelter. Max is diabetic and hadn't received insulin in at least a few days. His blood sugar was very high and he's very thin. Unfortunately, the diabetes took his sight too. He's on a strict insulin schedule and getting plenty of good, diabetic friendly grub now. Despite everything he's been through, Max is happy, funny, sweet, loving, and an all around good boy! He gets along with other dogs and cats too! Do you have room in your home and your heart for a sweet boy with some special needs?
Note: Max is located in Summerfield, FL - and we will not fly this boy.
IMPS Tag: 29809

Please click HERE to donate, and be sure to mention Max's tag number 29809.

Tommy Tommy Tommy
Tommy: 8 yr old black & tan male, neutered, undocked tail and uncropped ears. 10 lb. Fully vetted. Rescued from shelter.
Tommy is an 8 year old special boy. He has exhibited that he WANTS attention. He will rub up against you wanting his head and back scratched. He's a very observant boy, he is very curious and alert. Due to his condition, long walks are not in his future, afternoon naps and laying in the sun are right up his alley!
Tommy was surrendered to the SPCA and had been in a shelter for over 3 months when IMPS picked him up. He is neutered, up to date on all shots, rabies, and dental. He has Kyphosis and Spondylolysis which has a severe effect on his spine.
From what we have observed so far, he is very shy around new people and surroundings. He currently has issues with people getting too close too soon and will growl. But as he gets more comfortable, he has started to come up to us, nudge us asking for human interaction, petting, back scratching and has even rolled over asking for belly rubs. He seems to prefer women over men. These behaviors might very well be from his containment with very little interaction. He is not fond of being picked up, which may be because of his spine issues and causes him pain.
Also to note, due to his condition, it is extremely recommended to not be around children, and very early observations show best a home without cats. He wants to be friends with other dogs his size as long as they are friendly towards him.
Tommy will need a dedicated pet parent to live out the rest of his life with who are patient and understanding to his needs. We would prefer someone who works at home or is retired so he can get the attention he needs.
To see videos of Tommy visit
Note: Tommy is located in Odessa, FL - and we will not fly this boy.
IMPS Tag: 29810

Click HERE to donate for his care, and be sure to mention Tommy's tag number 29810.

Your local IMPS foster homes can always use any of the following items:

  • Fleece blankets (50x60")
  • Twin flat sheets
  • Washable hospital bed pads, second hand
  • Small & medium sweaters
  • 6 foot leashes, small martingale collars
  • Laundry detergent
  • Disinfecting wipes
  • Disposable pee pads
  • Paper towels
  • Used towels
  • Prescription food
We have various ways people can help. For those who would like to volunteer their time, we need help with the following:
  • fostering dogs
  • doing home visits prior to adoption
  • transporting dogs to their new owners
  • checking shelters and retrieving dogs when needed
  • searching for applicable grants to help with funding needs
  • communicating with foster parents and getting updates on their dogs
  • helping with fund raising activities
  • updating facebook and internet sites
  • writing short success stories for dogs that are now in their forever home
Touch base with your local IMPS contact for needs and delivery information. For questions and suggestions about sponsorship or even sponsoring a dog, please contact Vanessa at

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